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About United Givers

  • You are contacted only ONCE, rather than 19 times by individual organizations.
  • Fund-Raising organizations are invited to join with a county wide effort.
  • The bulk of the money stays in Richland County.
  • Every resident benefits through the gift or blood, assistance to children, rescue squad efforts, and aid to the elderly.
  • All solicitors and workers are donating their time and effort! Your money goes entirely to these 19 organizations.

The Richland County United Givers mission is to raise funds for non-profit organizations serving the needs of the residents of the greater Richland County Area. Our Goal is to serve the needs of residents - The Board may deny applications that do not meet human needs.

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It is the goal of Richland County United Givers to raise $31,000 and to help 19 Local Organizations.

Our Goal

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The 2021 application deadline has passed – Awardees will be notified by this Web Page if their application has been approved after our Campaign.

The 2021 Grant Applications are due June 15, 2021. Complete a Grant Application online today.